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Zelda Adventure Zelda Adventure
Date Added : Aug 12 |
No sound in this game unfortunately! The game is huge though and overall is a fun play.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 18537 Views

Zelda Mini Games Zelda Mini Games
Date Added : Aug 12 |
Fun Zelda mini games. Four games to choose from. These should keep you busy for a while.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 20133 Views

Zelda Links Power Zelda Links Power
Date Added : Aug 3 |
Fun unique user created Zelda game. Use links powers to get through the levels.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 20090 Views

Zelda Triforce Keep Up Zelda Triforce Keep Up
Date Added : Aug 3 |
Keep the triforce up in the air for as long as possible. Collect items for score.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 16517 Views

Zelda Run Lost Link Zelda Run Lost Link
Date Added : Aug 3 |
Help Link find his way to the treasure. You will need to remember your path in this game!
Games Category : Zelda Games | 18664 Views

Zelda Ultimate Quiz Zelda Ultimate Quiz
Date Added : Aug 3 |
Take the Ultimate Zelda quiz. This quiz is for the ultimate Zelda nerd. Don't try it, if you have not played every game.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 19807 Views

Zelda Quiz Zelda Quiz
Date Added : Aug 3 |
Take a Zelda quiz. This quiz is for the average Zelda series fan.
Games Category : Zelda Games | 14115 Views

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